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The CSFI is a forum for well-informed debate and research about the future of the financial services sector.

We do this through a range of activities: written research, live discussion groups and networks, all focused on the latest developments in international finance. Our work is objective, topical and practitioner-oriented. It is driven by a belief in the value of free markets, and of open discussion.

The Centre's activities are supported by sponsorship from leading institutions in banking, insurance, investment, government, technology and the professions. It is run from London, but its range is global.


Greece: End of austerity? Andrew Hilton is a guest on Al Jazeera

 Snap elections raise concerns that far-Left opposition could go back on multi-billion bailout deals. Click here to watch the interview...

Academic Expert Directory

The Academic Expert Directory is a new online platform that will give City practitioners access to experts throughout the UK (and beyond). Academics and experts are encouraged to register and create a profile on the site, which can then be searched by practitioners looking for expertise. Please let us know what you think of the website and pass the link along to any interested colleagues.



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Professional bodies can lead the banking industry’s efforts to reclaim professional standards – but only if they have greater employer recognition and credible teeth.
International regulators risk losing a sense of perspective by extending post-crisis measures designed to deal with financial instability, in blanket fashion, to the insurance industry, according to the latest report from the CSFI.
Microfinance needs to face reality. Overindebtedness a strategic issue.

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